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ABSTRACT Each piece emerges out of a conversation that begins from a drop of paint or a scratch on the surface. The conversation is one that I am the listener and the taker of the orders, which are instructions that I follow to the “T”. Just about half of the time that each piece requires is spent listening to the work with my eyes. During such time the name or title of the piece is revealed. This is a very crucial stage of the work, the name is the key that gives the viewer a direct or subtle insight into the subject matter. It is important that every work manifest with a name because they are like my children and what is a child without a name? Therefore, at the earliest stages of the dialog, my senses are tuned-in for the name as that becomes the essence out of which the piece develops. The conversation lessens as the work approaches the final stages and is complete, with a signature, when the piece is at last silent.

GRAPHITE Graphite is the medium I learned to draw in and is a medium I still explore every so often. My father was my first art teacher and guide, who taught me the importance of mastering the art of drawing before I immerse myself into painting. I spent the first half of my life as a child drawing everything I could see around and within me. Growing up in Jamaica, I was inspired to perfect my drawing skills like my mentors Jennifer McDonald Henry and Ras Daniel Hartman, whose art decorated my boyhood home. Some of these pieces were taken from a series of sketches I did for a book I wrote and is not reflective of the style or medium I am presently working in.

ANGELS & ICONS This body of work was done in the iconographical style of Christian Ethiopia’s church art, and is a direct expression of the African foundation of the Hebrew culture. All these paintings represent an aspect of African/world history from a prophetical standpoint. They are a revolutionary response to white supremacy’s attack on the African psyche through biblical iconographical propaganda.

MADE IN ETHIOPIA In 2007 I celebrated Ethiopia’s millennium with a three-month artist-in-residence program, which resulted in thirteen original pieces in oil, representing the thirteen months of Ethiopian sunshine. My goal was to bring canvas, paints, brushes, and various art supplies to give away to local artists and to create thirteen pieces from scratch materials to be acquired there (not including paint and brushes). My inspiration for these works came directly from sketches I started minutes pass 3:00 am. in the cool Ethiopian morning at the Lion’s Den Hotel in Addis Ababa.

RECENT WORKS Showcases the ongoing evolution of my journey’s progress and the direction my work is taking. This section usually includes my present works or pieces completed within a thirteen months period. It may also include: commissioned projects, unpublished works or pieces recently photographed, that have never been exhibited.

RELIEFS This series of work comes out of my innate attraction to deterioration, texture, rust, patinas and metals. They are a collage of found objects, old bottles, gears, bullet shells, computer chips, and all manner of discarded materials make it into these pieces. I am intrigued by the endless possibilities that lie in the craft of recycling waste material into interesting art pieces. In turn, these sculptural reliefs stands as constant reminders of how we as individuals can each contribute to a positive change.

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